Hot juvies drugged and fucked

I am truly sorry to hear that — to call it an absolute horrific experience is an understatement, if I ever heard one. I was at a loss for words too, but the reporter wrote a book about the football program and is tight with Reno, so consider the source. Elliot N January 5, at 5: State officials should put a fence around Jefferson County. Elliot N January 5, at 3: I agree with ureapwhatusow…. So it you lack empathy for people — you should be the one to go away and not lecture other people as you obviously have no first hand knowledge of all the elements involved.

FartSmeller January 5, at 2:

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Eliza December 31, at 2: What the hell is wrong with Steubensville? Dave December 17, at 4: What you posted Elliot was absolutely spot on and God Bless You for putting it out there for us to read. The victim showered b4 going to the hospital the tox screening happened days after the rape. What you said was so true. It is over for them.

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  1. Yah I watched the beginning like 6 times tryna figure it out but couldn't hear it. Thx brochacho,

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