Asian rummynose tetra

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The term Sawba means "king" in the Shan and Tai languages and is a term that was used as a royal title by rulers of the Shan States. Geographic Distribution Sawbwa resplendens. Adult female from the German aquarium trade. Aquatic plants grow densely in Lake Inle. Join the mailing list Receive fantastic fishkeeping information, news and special offers. Fry is quite big, but they do not take artemia at first, you need smaller food for days. Conditioning well with live foods will bring out the males' color, and when well fed, mature females should begin filling out with eggs.

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Sawbwa resplendens (Asian Rummynose)

The parents should be constantly well fed during spawning and then removed as they will eat the eggs and possibly the fry. Mid-ground up to 15 cm Light: The females are a plainer silver to light olive-brownish color with transparent fins. Vogler, - Journal of Sustainable Science 2 1: Temperature a constant SF member Mike Vulis notes that although the fry are relatively large they require microscopic food for at least days before they will accept larger fare such as Artemia nauplii, apparently because they are only capable of digesting quite small amounts of food at a time.

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asian rummynose tetra
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asian rummynose tetra
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